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I've been continuing to work on the app over the last few days, and have now reached a point, at least on my phone, where I think everything is working OK, and have changed the version to 0.5. I need to test the app on a lot more devices before I'd be happy to call it version 1.0, but hopefully it will now be stable enough for most people to use. The latest changes have been to how the app gets your current location. I found that it was sometimes not updating your location for a few hours, but I think I now have it changing real time. This makes a difference to when searching for places, the distance to the places listed should now be accurate, and also when you Add a Place to the database, when you clip on "Update Location", you should get an accurate location. I'd love it if a few people would download this latest beta and let me know how it is working on their devices.


I've been continuing to test the app, and discovered that the What's On Section (Particularly the Add Event part) wasn't working. I've now fixed this While I was at it, when you click on an event, the dialog box that appears now has a "map" button. This will take you through to "PlaceFinder" with the location already searched for. Click on a result and you will get an option to "Show on Map". Click on the text bubble on the map and you will be taken to your maps app for directions (works with Google Maps anyway).

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