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How The Search Works

The term you typed in will be searched for on the following fields in the database.
comments (What they have said in the free format section)
cvintro (What they have said about themselves in the intro to their CV)
schools (What schools they attended)
work (Where they have worked)
houses (Where they have lived)

This means, if you were to search for 'Stuart', you would find me (Stuart McLaren).

You would also find Michael Stuart (if he exists)

Also, my wife, Sheila McLaren, as she has mentioned in her comments that she is married to Stuart.

If there was a school called Royal Stuart High, you would find everyone who attended it.

If there was a business called JRstuartengineering, you would find everyone who has worked there (it doesn't matter that there are no spaces around 'Stuart').

Finally, you've probably guessed that you would find everyone who lived in Stuarthall Gardens.

The search results can't be sorted yet (I'll need to work on this!), so if you select a sort method from the search page, you'll be taken back to the full database.

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