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Android email App with “Share as HTML”

April 17, 2023

I know this doesn’t fit into the MyDumfries remit, but I wanted to post it somewhere in case it can be of use to anyone else and save them all the searching I did. Hopefully this article will be picked up by Search Engines.


I needed an Android email App that can share emails as HTML.  I have been using K-@ mail, which had this option, but stopped being supported a few years ago. Gmail stopped working in it a couple of years ago and when downloading attachments also stopped working, I decided I needed to look for something else. I must have tried nearly every email app in the Play Store, but none of them did exactly what I wanted.


As I continued to search, I found something to suggest that FairEmail might actually work. I’d already had a look at it, but it looked too complicated, so I’d written it off, however, on a 2nd look, it’s not as complicated as it looked and, mostly, does the job I need it to do.


I say nearly because I share the email to a diary app I’m writing. It does send html text, but doesn’t have an <html> tag at the start. I simply added <html><body> to the start of the text and </body></html> to the end and it worked a treat!

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