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Temporary Downgrade (Dumfries Today)! I realised that once this app takes off (which it surely will!!!), it would be risky to allow anyone to upload a photo, so until I come up with a safe way (members only?) I have removed the ability to upload photos and only the pictures I've taken will appear here. I'll try to keep them coming!


Version 0.6 released. As well as the change mentioned below (15/11/2020) I also realised that sometimes photos were not successfully uploading from Dumfries today. This seemed to happen when the phone switched from portrait to landscape mode (or vice versa) so to fix it, I've taken the easy option and forced Dumfries today to be portrait only. I'll look at bringing landscape back in a latter version.


Not released this yet, but so I remember, I've been making a few little "tweeks" to the app, the main one being that I have added a Refresh Button to the Place Finder Page, which is especially handy when using the "within XXXm" category (which I've moved to the top of the list).


Just when I think I've thought of everything, I get a new idea! So here is version 0.6, which has added an option to the bottom of the Category Dropdown in PlaceFinder. There is now an option for "Within XXXm", which will bring up a Dialogbox. Type in a number, and you will get a list of all place within that many meters of your Current Location. This will be particularly handy for me in keeping the DataBase up to date, but I hope others will also find it useful.


I've been continuing to work on the app over the last few days, and have now reached a point, at least on my phone, where I think everything is working OK, and have changed the version to 0.5. I need to test the app on a lot more devices before I'd be happy to call it version 1.0, but hopefully it will now be stable enough for most people to use. The latest changes have been to how the app gets your current location. I found that it was sometimes not updating your location for a few hours, but I think I now have it changing real time. This makes a difference to when searching for places, the distance to the places listed should now be accurate, and also when you Add a Place to the database, when you clip on "Update Location", you should get an accurate location. I'd love it if a few people would download this latest beta and let me know how it is working on their devices.


I've been continuing to test the app, and discovered that the What's On Section (Particularly the Add Event part) wasn't working. I've now fixed this While I was at it, when you click on an event, the dialog box that appears now has a "map" button. This will take you through to "PlaceFinder" with the location already searched for. Click on a result and you will get an option to "Show on Map". Click on the text bubble on the map and you will be taken to your maps app for directions (works with Google Maps anyway).


Got myself another new phone, and realised once again that the app wasn't working right! I've taken the opportunity to re-design it slightly, which I hope will make it easier to use. Minumum Android Version is now 5.0, and it will take up around 20MB on your phone.


Got myself a Samsung Galaxy S6 and realised that some things didn't look right on it! Have fixed now for the S6, and still looks OK on my S3, please let me know if there is anything that doesn't look right on other devices.


Version 0.3, with the new e-mail forwarding system, released.

Fixed the e-mail issue, now sends a message to a server side script which will then forward the message to the e-mail address held. Unfortunately, no way to confirm that the e-mail has been received.
Removed e-mail address from Dumfries People as I realised that this could be seen when the details are transfered to the e-mail app.
Did this by changing server side script, no need for an app update.

23rd December, 2014

Just some bug fixes, but I've decided to upload it as version 0.25.

?? Think may be fixed but need to keep testing Bug - Current Location is slow to update.i.e 20 minutes after leaving work search is still returning distance from work.
Fixed Bug - Make name required field when adding to Dumfries People and add required fields in Add Person.
Fixed Bug - In placefinder, if click on search when no text in search box, will find all records. Change so need at least two chars in box.
Fixed Bug - Category search doesn't work for downloaded database.
Fixed Error found when category has a space in it, i.e. "Car Parks", not returning any results, tried enclosing in '' but didn't fix, need to look at serverside php script.
Handle no results found for Placefinder.

20th December, 2014

Sorry to release an update so quickly, but I've made a few improvements to the app which I think makes the release of version 0.2 worthwhile.

PlaceFinder now shows distance to found places if your current location is within about 30 miles of Dumfries and sorts by distance.
Last 5 Headlines from MyDumfries.com now shown on front page if network available.
Some changes to the help text for Add a New Place and Message Board (decided to stick with existing Board).

18th December 2014

Welcome to The My Dumfries App for Android.

I've named this version 0.1, it has passed all my testing, but I'd very much appreciate any feedback, either bug reports or suggestions for new features, before I move it on to Version 1.0. I've tested the app on a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone running Android 4.3, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" running Android 4.2.2 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" running Android 4.4.2 (yes, I like Samsung's!). I've aimed the app at Android v4+, I'm not sure if it will work on anything below that as I don't have anything to test it on.

Here's what you can do with the app so far :

Dumfries Tweets

A list of Tweets by Tweeters selected for their Dumfries Links. Some, like ITV Border and BBC South of Scotland, cover a wider area than Dumfries, but as many of their Tweets will be relative, they have been included. If there is anyone missing from the list who you think should be included, please email me at stuart@mydumfries.com.

You can click on links within the Tweets, and also by Long Clicking on a Tweet, you will have the option to

1. Refresh Tweets (load Tweets posted since you last downloaded)

2. Reload Previous Tweets (the Tweets from your last session)

3. Reload last 100 Tweets

4. Post a Status Update of your own, either over Wifi or via SMS Text Message (your mobile phone company may charge for this)

5. Retweet the post by either Wifi or SMS.

Dumfries Places

The highlight of the app, a searchable database of places in Dumfries. You can download the database to your device, it will take the total room used by the app to about 7MB, the actual data doesn't actually take up that much room.

You can either search by typing in a search term or picking a category. You will then get a list of matching places. Long click on the place for more information and the option to see it on a map, or click on the Goto Map button to see all places on the map. Once in the map, you can click on the box to be taken to your maps app for directions (certainly works with Google Maps anyway!).

If there is a place missing from the map, you can click on Add Place to add. Instructions on how to do this are included in the Add Place screen.

Add Place Sub Menu

If you are standing at the place you want to add, you can click on Update Location to add it. Try to get the accuracy down to below 10 if you can. Add a place name, then click on Add This Location to Database. This will add it to a local database on your device, when you have an internet connection click on Update Site to add it to MyDumfries.com.

If you are not at the place, you can click on Show on Map and long click the location on the map to get it's latitude and longitude. After that, the procedure is the same as above.

Once you have uploaded the details to the site, you can use the MyDumfries Placefinder editor at www.mydumfries.com/PlaceFinderGoogleMapSetUp.php to add more details.

What's On

A list of Dumfries Events. Long click on any of the events for more information. As this list will change all the time, there is not an option to download it, so you will need an internet connection. You can add your own event by clicking on "Add Event!".

Message Boards

A link to the Message Boards at MyDumfries.com. Originally I was going to look at designing something specifically for the app, but while looking into this I realised that the existing Boards don't look too bad in landscape mode on my phone, so I'm going to stick with that for now!

Dumfries People

A list of people who have registered on MyDumfries. You can long click on a name to contact them by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter (if they have provided these details).

You can click on "Add Me!" to add your details to the list. I've decided that all you really need is your name, year of Birth, e-mail address, Facebook and Twitter links (all optional!) as it will then be possible to go to your Facebook or Twitter profile to find out more, but if you'd really like to, you can provide more details at MyDumfries.com.

As there aren't many registered people at the moment I haven't provided an option to download the database to your device, so you will need an internet connection, but if the list starts to grow I will look at adding this as an option.

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