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Update March 2010

Now Google Street View has reached Dumfries, I've added this functionality to The Placefinder,

To get to Street View, double click on the map over a street lined in blue until you get to the closest zoom level, and you will automatically be taken to the nearest photograph from Google Street View. Click on the Map Button which will appear above the picture to get back to the map.

Know problems I am working on -
Firefox - Doesn't seem to work atoll!
Chrome, Opera and Safari - The Map Button doesn't work, so you will need to click on the Dumfries Place Finder link in the menu to get back to Maps.
Internet Explorer 6 onwards - Seems to work perfectly!

Update April 2009

I've added an option to "Add to Favourites" when you are viewing a place in column 3, and the option to view your favourite places in column 1.

At the moment, this will basically allow you to create a list of your favourite places, which you can then download as a POI file to incorporate into your Sat Nav. I must warn you that the list will be lost as soon as you leave the Place Finder Page, so be sure to download the POI file first! Very soon, however, I plan to add the functionality for registered users to save their favourite places within their profiles (UPDATE : This feature has now been added).

Update July 2007

I've decided to be brave an open up Placefinder for anyone to update.  The rules will be similar to those for the Reviews Section (Click Here To Read). Briefly, anything I don't agree with will be removed.

To edit or add your own place, click on the Placefinder Editor link at the bottom of any of the 1st column. Hopefully, the editor is pretty straight forward.  To set up a new place, click on the map where the place is (remember you can use the scroll and zoom buttons in the top left corner), type in the details, then click on new.  You can also search for places in the usual way then either edit or delete the entry.  Think that should be straight forward enough.

The map interface has now been replaced by a Google Maps set up. The main advantage is that you can zoom in and out of the map and pan around, either using the arrows or by dragging the map. The map still starts of in the town centre, but you can now use these controls to see places outside the town centre. If you hover over a marker you will get a message telling you what that marker is. The rest of the page works as described below, and if your browser doesn't support Google Maps, you can go back to the old maps, but these will no longer be updated, so you will be missing out on any new places which have been added.

The first screen of the Place Finder Page has a map of the town centre at the top. Underneath this are three columns where you perform your search. The first column is used to search for places, the 2nd column to select one place from the found list, and the 3rd column shows details of the selected place.

The first thing to do is search for the place you are looking for. To do this you can either type straight into the Search For box and click on search or/and pick a category from the drop down list and click on search. The search box will search all place names and descriptions for the term entered. For example, if you type 'bank', as well as finding 'Bank of Scotland' you will also find all properties on 'Bank Street', 'Edenbank Hotel', you'd also find 'Everbankway Road' (if it existed!), and say that in the description for 'Dalscone Toys' I had put that they sell piggybanks (I haven't by the way!) you'd also find that. You can also have something in Search For AND select a category. If you do this you will find all places matching you Search Term AND all places in the selected category.

When you click search, the 2nd column is then populated with a drop down list of the found places. If the place you are looking for is within the town centre map it's number will be printed at it's location. If you don't see the number on the map it means it is outside the town centre. (Actually, due to a throw back to an older version of the Place Finder, some places may show on the edge of the Town Centre Map which are actually outwith the map area. Please bear in mind that if a place shows on the very edge of a map, you may actually have to follow that road until you reach it. I'm working on fixing this).

To get more information on one of the places, select it from the drop down list, then click on tell me. This place will then be highlighted with an X on the map, and the map will change to the appropriate one if it is outside the town centre (there are a couple of places which are actually outwith the Map Area. If this is the case they will be at the edge of the map on the road you need to follow to get to them. The description will give you more details.). The third column will then be populated with details of the selected place, as follows.

Categories that this place is included in
A description of the place
If there is a Web Site, there will be a link to visit the web site.

And that's about it. Pretty straight forward, I think. If you'd like to learn more, click on the feedback button to your left to send me an e-mail.

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