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As you approach Dumfries from the Moffat side, Locharbriggs lies to your right, on the opposite side of the road to Heathhall. With around 5,000 inhabitants, it used to be classed as a town in it's own right, as it was about 2 miles outside the Dumfries boundaries, but these days the gap in-between has been near enough filled and most people would say it is part of Dumfries, although when they quote Dumfries as having a population of about 32,000, I don't think they include Locharbriggs. It is made up mainly of old, and in some case present, council houses, mainly terraced two storey houses. There are many facilities on the estate including a Primary School (also serving Heathhall), local shops, a Chinese and Fish and Chip take away, a couple of popular Social Clubs and another pub on the outskirts of the estate on the main Edinburgh Road. Pretty similar to Heathhall infact as a place to stay, but the houses won't cost you as much.

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