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Living In Dumfries

So what's Dumfries like to live in, then?

Brilliant, in my opinion. Dumfries is the largest town in South West Scotland, but that doesn't make it a metropolis. The population is only about 30,000, so it avoids most of the problems experienced in larger towns, although, unfortunately, it does have it's bad areas.

It has new (2018) hospital, with a maternity wing, 2 police stations, and a thriving town centre, despite what a few, 'never happy' locals, will tell you. (Update 2021 - OK, I'll admit it's not all that "thriving" now, but I'd still say it's better than most towns our size!)

The nearest 'big town' is Carlisle, about 35 miles away. Ayr & Kilmarnock are both about 60 miles away, Glasgow is about 75, Edinburgh 80, although along poor roads and dito Newcastle at about 90 miles.

I'm still working on this, but if you are thinking of moving to Dumfries, here's some information on some of the more popular (and unpopular) areas of the town.

Sandside / Lincluden
Barnhill / Blackley Park

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