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As you approach from the Moffat side, Heathhall is the first area of houses you come to on your left hand side (actually, technically I think the first few are in Locharbriggs, which is mainly to your right hand side, and Heathhall starts after Penmans factory, at the small Police Station and runs until the large petrol station at the roundabout). It is a rapidly expanding private estate consisting mainly of very new detached and semi detached houses. Until recently it was quite famous local for not having a shop (the population must be around 3,000 now), although it has recently saw the opening of it's first mini market, but it still doesn't have a school. The estate is loosely based around Dumfries College, and there is also now a Library on the edge of the estate. It has been conducted to Locharbriggs by a pedestrian footbridge recently, so at least the primary kids don't have to cross the main road to get to school anymore, and a cycle track does run most of the way to the High School, although it is well over a mile away. On the edge of the estate is the large rubber factory, Gates (or whatever it's called this week!) which can be quite smoky, smelly and noisy sometimes, but my mum lives right next door to it and I have to say you very rarely even notice it's there. Overall, there are much worse places to stay, but bear in mind that without a car you may feel a bit isolated.

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