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As you approach Dumfries from the east on the A75, to your left you will see a large, white housing estate. This is the Georgetown/Calside area.

Calside viewed from Georgetown Road.

I may be biased, cause I stay here!, but I personally think this is the best part of Dumfries to live in. The population of the area is around 5,000, and it was once claimed to be the largest private housing estate in Western Europe. As such it has excellent local amenities including 2 mini markets, a chemists, Children's play center, 2 hairdressers, a Chinese take away as well as a library and 2 primary schools (3 if you include Noblehill which sits on the Annan Road on the edge of the scheme, as does the Aldi Supermarket).

Calside Library, with Georgetown Primary in the background.

The local kids can be a bit 'boisterous' with some vandalism being experienced, but on the whole nothing too bad, certainly no worse than most larger housing estates.

The estate is based around the Georgetown Road, where there are some older houses, but on the whole, most of the houses have been built since the 1960's, many of them even more recently than this. The are mainly detached and semi detached houses although there are some 2 storey flats (a couple of 3 storey, but nothing 'high rise'). Prices vary from around £30,000 for a flat, about £40,000 for a 2 bedroomed simi detached, up to over £100,000 for a 3 bedroom detached house.

Down the hill from the Georgetown Road, going down towards the Annan Road and Railway Line, is the older, Georgetown, area of the estate, most of the houses down in this area were built in about the 1960's. Up the hill from the Georgetown Road is the newer Calside area, building in this area now seems to have come to a halt, but only recently. These are the white houses you see from the distance, and as such many of them have excellent views over to the distant hills.

The town center is about 2 miles away, and there are 2 or 3 regular bus serves. The hospital is just over the hill from Calside, about a mile away by road.

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