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Update January 2021

I'd kind of forgotten about this page! It hasn't really been 10 years since I updated the site, but I now record any updates here.

Update July 2011

I've updated my server to php5 and have spent the last few nights trying to make sure that everything is still working. I think I've fixed all the problems now, but if you come across any problems, please let me know by clicking on the contact me option in the menu.

I've also tried updating the Message Board to try to cut out the Spam attacks which have forced me to ask people to e-mail me personally if they want to register for the board. Unfortunately, it seems to have made little difference, so I'll need to look into this further before I can properly open registration for the board back up again.

Update March 2008

There have been a few changes to the site recently. As promised below, the Placefinder has now been AJAXed, making it much quicker. This was my first venture into the world of AJAX, but it was actually quite easy, so there may be more to come!

What used to be the e-mail list is now the Dumfries People Finder. I hope to make it an easy way for you to find your friends and family from Dumfries on their existing Social Networking Sites, and would urge you to register if you haven't already.

Finally, you may notice some arrows at the top of certain menus now. These will allow you to hide certain areas of the site to help make it easier to read, and let you customise. These can't be saved yet (future project) but hopefully you'll find it useful. Updated June 2011 - You can now save your page layout, just select the link in the menu.

Update October 2007

A couple of years ago I was approached by the people at "itsmydumfries.com" to see if they could have the domain name "mydumfries.com". As it seemed a decent community site, I said they could have it in return for some free advertising for my site, which I then went about re-branding as 'dumfriesportal.co.uk'. Almost 2 years later, I never heard anything from them, and their site seems to have now gone, realising they couldn't compete with me! so I am once again re-branding the site back to 'mydumfries.com'. I've also moved onto some new webspace hosted by Supranames, the same company that hosts our sister site, 'qosfan.co.uk', which will allow me to add some new features in the future.

Update December, 2006

The Dumfries Place Finder now uses Google Maps, which means you can scroll and zoom around to see all of Dumfries from one map. It is now pretty much exactly how I want it to look and work, although I may try to make it 'AJAX' at some point.

I'm working on a new look for the front page, but I need to sort out the problem with the Message Boards, which has basically seen them become pages for spammers to post their rubbish.  I've already tried making them available to registered users only, but I may have to introduce a confirmation system before allowing posts.

Update October, 2005

The site has undergone a complete redesign over the last couple of months, I hope you like the new look. I've added extra Message Boards in the hope that you'll help me keep people up to date with what is happening in Dumfries. The Place Finder has also had some work done on it, the maps now cover most of the town, not just the town centre, although I need to do some work on improving them, and adding more places.

Update January 2004

I've done a lot of updating on the site this month. The links page is now more up to date, and the Message Board now lets you log in! The main change has been a complete rewrite of the Place Finder page. For anyone interested, it is now written in PHP using a mySQL database. More importantly, it now lists over 150 town centre locations and is much quicker than before. It is still a work in progress, I'll be adding more links and locations over the next few weeks.

The main aim of the site is to provide an easy one stop Portal to information on my home town, Dumfries, the largest town in the South West of Scotland.

Because the site is a hobby (unless someone wants to start paying me!) it won't be updated all that regularly, and so the 'Editorial' content is kept to a minimum at the moment, but this shouldn't affect the links too much so the point of the site is maintained.

The main reason for the site, however, is as a home for my Dumfries Place Finder Java Applet, which I wrote as a way for people to find places in Dumfries. Make sure you check this out if nothing else!

If you have any comments please click on Message Board or Opinion to let me know.

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